Enhance the structure, drainage and oxygen exchange of soils

Down To Earth™ Diatomite Rock is a naturally mined mineral composed entirely of the skeletal remains of trillions of microscopic, unicellular plankton called diatoms. It permanently improves heavy soils and horticultural growing media because it is indefinitely stable and non-compactable. The porous aggregate particles wet rapidly and will absorb greater than 100% of their own weight in water, acting as a reservoir for plant available water and nutrients. Fine to medium particle size (2-7 mm).

Potting Mediums:

Mix 10% by volume or approximately 1.5 lbs per gallon of soil. For hanging baskets and other specialty applications we recommend 20% by volume for best results.

Garden Soils:

Apply 5 lbs per 10 square feet. Spread evenly and incorporate to the desired depth.


Apply 100-125 lbs per 1,000 square feet after aeration. Aeration core removal is recommended to aid in the incorporation of the Diatomite Rock particles.