Available in 1 size: 2 cu. ft. Block

Provides exceptional water and nutrient retention for seeds and sproutings

Down To Earth™ Coconut Coir is an all-natural, eco-friendly peat alternative made from coconut husks. This coconut coir fiber is a compressed, fine grade pith and short fiber blend that we recommend as a superior alternative to screened peat moss. Our Coir Fiber Pith is a light, fluffy organic material that provides exceptional water and nutrient retention in all seed starting and sprouting mediums. Use anywhere a fine texture is desired such as in propagation trays and seedling flats.

Coconut Coir Fiber

Add water slowly and let Coconut Coir Fiber absorb and expand. Using hands or garden tools, break up any large pieces and mix until a fluffy texture is achieved and water is completely absorbed. Use as a replacement for peat moss in potting mediums, garden soils and seed starting mixes.